Your Braces Journey

This is the story about your braces journey.



At your first visit to Sanchez & Craig Orthodontics, you will find a friendly, helpful staff awaiting you.


When you first arrive, be sure to check in at our front desk where your parents will complete your personal information forms and turn in any dental insurance information you may have.


After checking in, you are always welcome to visit our tooth-brushing station where you may brush your teeth before your appointment.


Next, one of our staff members will take initial photos of your smile and your teeth. We will have to place a special stretcher in your mouth to photograph your teeth.


Next, Dr. Sanchez or Dr. Craig will carefully examine your teeth and check your bite to determine whether you need braces and what treatment is best to create your most beautiful smile.

After your exam, Dr. Sanchez and Dr. Craig will review the pictures of your teeth and your smile with you and with your parents to determine when you should get your braces.


If you are not quite ready for braces, you will be invited to join our “Braces Buddies Club” where you will be given a special “Braces Buddies” T-shirt and an invitation to participate in all of Drs. Sanchez and Craig’s fun contests, special parties and celebrations!


While you are in the “Braces Buddies Club,” Dr. Sanchez or Dr. Craig will check you every six months until you are ready for your braces. Remember: when you wear your T-shirt to your appointment, you will receive a special prize!


When you are ready for braces, we will take orthodontic records. This means taking impressions of your teeth to study your individual bite and take special panoramic X-rays.


After the doctors study your records, Dr. Sanchez or Dr. Craig will meet again with your parents to discuss your treatment, to discuss how long your treatment will last, and how much your treatment will cost.


At your next visit, you will have your braces placed! During this visit, you will have an opportunity to choose the colors that you want on your braces.


In addition, on the day you receive your braces, you may choose one of our cool Sanchez & Craig Orthodontics tie-dyed T-shirts.


During your braces journey, you will come back to our office every six weeks for a braces adjustment. On each of these visits you will be given an opportunity to change your braces colors. And remember to wear your tie-dyed T-shirt to each visit for a special surprise!


Finally, one day we celebrate because the time has finally arrived to remove your braces and unveil your beautiful new Sanchez & Craig smile! On this special day, you will be given a bag of sticky, delicious candy to enjoy!