Office Events

Summer Carnival

Each July, we host a carnival at our offices. All of our patients, their friends and families are invited to join us for snow cones, cotton candy and fun on the waterslides and bouncy houses!




Halloween Skating Party

Each October, we host a skating party at The Fun Factory in Milledgeville! Our patients wear their costumes for the costume contest, skate for hours, and eat lots of pizza! Our patients can bring their friends and family to the party for a fun night for everyone!

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Dr. Sanchez & Craig's staff at the Annual Halloween Party. This year's Halloween event was a skating party.


Amelia Parker and Dr. Craig model our cool tie-dyed t-shirts. All patients receive a shirt on the day that they get their braces. Patients who wear their t-shirts to future appointments receive a surprise!


Our doctors, Dr. Sanchez and Dr. Craig, step out at the annual Halloween event!

3rd Grade Field Trips to Our Office

Probably close to 5,000 people have been seen here for orthodontic treatment. It amazes us to see people who were patients as children now bringing in their children for treatment. "How did they grow up and get older while we stayed the same age?" we laugh. Today's children seem excited about orthodontic work, believe it or not. They're proud of their smiles and take care of their teeth.

Every year we invite local area 3rd graders to take a field trip to our office in all three counties. The children receive a free screening and exam, plus a chance to familiarize themselves with things that may seem frightening. They can touch the braces, and they get to use the drill on a plaster tooth. They touch the materials in the lab, too. When they come back in a few years to see us, they're not afraid.